Website care and maintenance for the time-strapped.

Website updates?!? Who has time for them? We do!
We offer ongoing website care, or "once-in-a while" website maintenance for busy business owners and marketing managers.
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Website Care Packages

Outsourcing your website maintenance offers a number of benefits; more time to focus on other areas of your business, as well as a polished, up-to-date website that serves your marketing campaigns. 

Basic Care

1 hour content updates
Monthly Wordpress + plugin updates
Monthly website backup
Security scanning
Standard technical support
Excludes GST*
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All-Round Care

3 hours content updates
0.5hr consulting + guidance
Monthly Wordpress + plugin updates
Monthly website backup
Standard technical support
Excludes GST*
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Premium Care

6 hours content updates
1hr  consulting + guidance
Monthly Wordpress + plugin updates
Monthly website backup
Speed optimisation
Security scanning
Priority technical support
Excludes GST*
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Looking for something else?

If our Website Care packages don't cover your specific requirements for website care and maintenance, please get in touch with us. We can tailor a package specifically for your needs.
We also assist our clients with "once in a while" website updates and maintenance too. Simply send us a message or book a discovery call to chat through the details.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Website Care Plan right for my business?

If you are a busy business owner or Marketing Manager responsible for one or multiple websites, you are in the right place.  A website care plan can take the stress out of website maintenance and content updates. We make sure that your website looks polished, is secure, up to date, and aligned to your marketing campaigns. We take the pressure off you and your team while you focus on more important aspects of your work!

What kind of websites do you manage?

Our website care plans are designed with the WordPress platform in mind. We maintain websites for various different industries, including eCommerce websites, blogs, online directories and more.

What are "content updates"?

Content updates refer to minor changes and additions to your website such as text changes, image uploads or blog post uploads. The website care plans cover most of the common content updates, although they do not cover additional development work or new feature implementation.

If you require additional development work, or significant upgrades to your website, please get in touch for a quote.

Does content update time accumulate?

Unused content update time does not accumulate or roll over to the next month.

What are "plugin updates"?

Most Wordpress websites are built using plugins, which is code written by 3rd-party developers to perform specific functions. These plugins need to be kept updated regularly to keep your website functioning correctly as well as safe from security vulnerabilities. This can be quite onerous if your website makes use of many plugins, which is why we take of plugin updates for you.

What if a plugin update breaks my website?

This is a possibility, however, in our experience it happens very rarely. Should an update cause a problem, we will either fix it or roll back to a stable version of the website. We will also advise you if there is a better quality plugin available to meet your website's needs.

What is security scanning?

Security scanning refers to the regular scans of your website which alert us to any existing vulnerabilities that require attention. Most common vulnerabilites are easy to secure. However, should a significant problem arise, we will notify you and discuss your options. Please note that if your site is hacked, the website care plan does not cover work undertaken to resolve or secure a hacked website. We will provide a quote for the work in this instance.

What is "speed optimisation"?

Speed optimisation is available under the Premium website care plan and refers to multiple enhancements made to a website which make your website load and function fast as possible.

Can you help with technical hosting issues?

Yes.  We work directly with your hosting company or IT support team to resolve any hosting related or technical issues.

What is the difference between "standard" and "priority support"?

Standard technical support is available under the Basic and All-Round website care plans. Queries will be attended within 1 - 5 business days under these plans.

Priority technical support is available under the Premium website care plan, where queries are attended to within 1 - 2 business days.

Please note that while most queries are fairly standard, some may require more time to resolve due to their complexity.

Can you host my website for me?

Hosting is not included in the Website Care Plans, however, we can make recommendations to you and even assist you get set up with a good host. Give us a call to find out more. 

Can I change my plan if I need to?

You most certainly can, just give us a ring

Is there a contract?

While we do have terms and conditions, we do not lock our clients into a minimum contract period. If you would like to take out a plan for a few months only,  you can. If you need to cancel your plan, this can be arranged by giving a calendar month's notice.
Website Maintenance - Avela Design
We can take care of that time-consuming website maintenance for you.
Give us a call, or send a message about your website care and maintenance requirements. We would love to see how best we can assist you.